We see lots of children and are keen to make their visits as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. It is important to see children from a very early age.
We like to see babies from the their mother’s first visit after the birth. There is always lots to talk about when planning their future dental health
A childs first visit to the dentist should be a happy experience, so dont wait for a problem before making an appointment


Children are assessed routinely for orthodontic treament (tooth straightening). If treatment is required, if necessary, your child can be referred to a specialst orthodontist.
When the orthodontic treatment is complete you will be referred back to us. Often you will have a clear orthodontic retainer to wear at night long term. However, if it no longer fits, don’t delay. Be aware that if it needs replacing you will have to pay but still get a new one immediately or you will find your teeth may need straightening all over again.
We are happy to replace these at a reasonable price.

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