The Patient Journey

When you ring us

When you ring us with a dental problem, you will speak to a dental nurse who will ask you about your dental needs and COVID status. She will be able to give you advice and if necessary, will refer you to the dentist who will call you back to discuss your dental needs further.
If your problem cannot be managed with advice or possibly with a prescription, and if the dentist feels that you can be helped by a face to face consultation, you will be offered an appointment with us or referred to an Urgent Dental Care Centre. (At present the treatments we can offer are very limited due to many of our normal treatments causing a potentially dangerous aerosol to be generated)

Before the appointment

The receptionist will phone you up to 24 hrs before your appointment and will ask you many of the questions which would previously have been asked at reception when you came for your appointment. We are trying to do as much by phone as possible to keep your visit short and to keep you safe. This can take some time and you need to be able to talk confidentially, so if we ring when it is not convenient, please let us know. This telephone interview must be completed before your appointment. She will also explain how your visit to the surgery will work. See Instructions for your Appointment

When you arrive at the practice

Please ring the bell and the receptionist will let you in. She will check your identity and that you are feeling well. If you have a carer with you, they will also be asked if they are well.
You will be asked to thoroughly wash your hands before you go to the waiting room and then on into the surgery.

When you go into the surgery

You will be given some hand sanitiser to use and then asked to sign any forms that are needed before having your treatment.

After Treatment

Please go back to reception and pay ideally by contactless card payment. If you have to pay by cash, please have the exact amount in a clear plastic bag, prepared in advance.
Please let us know if you become unwell with covid symptoms in the 5 days after you have been seen at the practice.

At the practice after you have left

Everything will be very carefully cleaned ready for the next patient.