Coronavirus and Dentistry 2022

Coronavirus update – July 2022

We are now able to offer all treatments and have caught up with our check-up backlog. It is lovely to see everyone again. If you haven’t had a check up recently then please contact us.

There are still high levels of COVID in our local community and we need to remain aware of this so that we can protect our vulnerable patients and keep our practice working for everyone. For all patients it is still necessary to wear a mask in the practice (over 12 years), to have good hand hygiene, and to socially distance whenever possible.

As a practice we continue to do everything we can to keep everyone safe. Infection prevention and control measures have always been a high priority in the running of our practice and remain so. We follow all NHS protocols including using the recommended PPE.

We are still asking all our patients to complete a covid questionnaire before they visit us. This helps us to assess the risk of a patient having covid and helps us to act appropriately.

We are happy that the restrictions which the NHS imposed earlier in the pandemic to try and keep patients and staff safe have mostly been lifted for well patients with no respiratory symptoms (cold or flu like symptoms).

If you have any respiratory symptoms (cold or flu like symptoms) we need to rearrange your routine appointment for a better time. However, if your problem is urgent, we can still see you. Call us and we will arrange to see you at a new time chosen to be able to give you all the care needed to keep everyone safe.