Coronavirus and Dentistry 2020

Coronavirus update – August 2020

We are settling into a new way of working. Due to following the NHS and Government guidelines, which are designed to protect patients and staff from coronavirus, we remain very restricted on how many patients we can see and what treatments we can carry out.
We are able to see all our patients who have urgent dental problems. If you have any dental problem or just want some advice, please ring us.
We can now also start to see a very small number of check-ups. The NHS has given us a list of priorities and we will work through these starting with those individual children who we know to be at greater risk of dental disease. If you are in one of the prioritised groups, we will contact you to offer you or your child an appointment.
We are hoping to start some hygienist appointments in September. We will contact our patients who use the hygienist services soon to explain what is possible.

In mid-March, due to the growing Coronavirus pandemic, the government closed all dental practices and at the beginning of June, we were delighted that the Prime Minister announced that we could start to see patients again, face to face, although under very strict but necessary new criteria designed to keep our patients and staff safe.

It is wonderful to be back in our practice and treating patients. We have been able to sort out many of the dental problems that people had to endure during lockdown and can now see patients with urgent problems relatively promptly.

Unfortunately, our new ways of working take longer which means that, whilst the threat of coronavirus is still present, we are limited on the time we have for check-ups and routine treatment and there are some treatments at present that we just cannot do.

We are prioritising emergency care and dental problems. Please phone us if you feel you have a dental problem or want any dental advice.

As we learn how to work safely in this new environment and as guidelines change we hope to be able to provide more services for our patients. We will keep you updated through our website, our Facebook page and directly by email or text to our regular patients.

However, as it is likely to be many months before we are able to offer check-ups to all our patients, it is even more important than ever to keep up a good oral hygiene routine:

  • Brush your teeth for 2 minutes at bedtime and at least at one other time in the day
  • Use your interspace and Tepe brushes to clean between your teeth at least once a day
  • Reduce the amount of sugar you eat (including in drinks): ideally keep sugar just to meal times
  • Use a good quality toothpaste with at least 1450ppm of fluoride. When finished spit the excess out but don’t rinse your mouth.
  • Ring us up for help and advice

Here is more information about how the practice now works:

Please check online at and at for advice and the latest COVID-19 information.
Please do not attend the practice if you feel unwell or are self-isolating.